Comic Strips

Below are some comic strips and cartoons from the pages of Bonafide, and some unpublished.
Doxi the Dog
Doxi the Dog was originally created in 1982 and appeared in the zine 'Knock Yaself Out' and then Bonafide comics magazine. I am currently working on a 60 page full colour graphic novel adventure 'Doxi the Dog in Ambienceworld' - JH
tax Tax Dodger
Doxi skips the country for tax reasons..
12 pages
fone 'The Phone'
A wait for a phonecall turns into a bad night for our mutt hero.
8 pages
racer Roadracer
Doxi and Peeoui test out a mean machine..
1 page
net Doxi in 'The Net'
The Mutt gets a web connection.
1 page
buy Doxi in 'Buy'
Advertising eh?
1 page
Ed n Ed

Welcome to the world of Ed n Ed. Created by Jerry Holliday and Luke Fay. Ed n Ed, alcoholic druggies, are in control of a massive global business empire. If only they knew what they were doing!

Ed n Ed first appeared in Bonafide comics, and was also serialised in Polar magazine.

cider Cider and Crack
The Ed's liquidise their assets.
1 page
f Bunty Hunter
Bunty and Teletubbies
1 page
f Contract with Satan
The Ed's take on Bleezibub himself
1 page
hunter Jodpurs in the Country
The Eds have another great idea...
1 page
f The Underpants Motion
The Eds table a disturbing motion for their board of directors.
1 page
f The Gimmick
Fantastic Marketing Gimmick.
1 page
f Alcohol Volume
1 page
f Nosehairs
A mole within the organisation?
1 page
Dooley Dooce
insanity Virtual Insanity
Go mental with Da Dooce
5 pages
mirror Mirror Mirror
1 page
Other Comics
The Cad
More Cad coming soon
1 page
Chicken Air Force
By Paul Winstone
4 pages
Ted the Gerbil
Follow the maniac adventures of a twisted purple gerbil by Joe Butcher
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