Doxi the Dog in Ambienceworld Free eBook

Doxi the Dog in Ambienceworld is free to download on the Amazon Kindle this weekend.

Take full advantage and grab it now…

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The complete collected adventure of Doxi the Dog in Ambienceworld.

Doxi is reluctantly enlisted to help Huloo, a disciple to the Guru of Ambienceworld, where the storm clouds of war are gathering.

He must help the Guru restore peace and encounters many friends and enemies on the way such as his new co-pilot in adventure and danger, Skuttler the Duck as well as the Pyranoids, Dancenoids and Moutheads.

There are plenty of twists and turns as Doxi also encounters the dastardly Zep-Pirates, the surreal Fortress of Lost Dreams and his own alter ego. Full Color comic strip adventure story.

Ralph the Robot Monkey Giveaway

The Amazon Kindle version of Ralph the Robot Monkey will be free on December 14th/15th 2013

Ralph the Robot Monkey

Ralph the Robot Monkey toils away in the big city but feels something is missing inside. He asks other animal robots if they feel the same but they cannot help him so Ralph goes on a journey of discovery and finds the jungle as well as the real animals that live within.

Illustrated Colour Children’s book


Bristol’ native Doxi to be sold through The Bristol Shop.

Next Tuesday sees the launch of ‘The Bristol Shop’, an online shop that celebrates the creative and business talents in Bristol.

This ecommerce site is going to be solely used to sell merchandise; artwork and general goods supplied by Bristol businesses and artists and will be the first online shop to accept the Bristol pound.

Doxi is getting a slice of the action; Doxi the dog in Ambienceworld will now be available in Paperback through The Bristol Shop.

Bonafide Comics are proud to have Doxi involved in this great Bristol based project.
The launch party is happening on Tuesday 29th January at the RWA gallery on Queens Road between 6pm and 8pm and everyone attending is entered into a draw to win £100 to spend in the Bristol Shop and there’s a complimentary drink on arrival.

So why not come along to the launch and then check out the site.
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Comics Funding Sought

Comic strip artist J.T. Holliday and his comics imprint Bonafide Comics recently launched a campaign on the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo to raise the funding he needs to launch his all-ages comic book.

‘To be honest the story was created a long time ago, but life got in the way. Now with the opportunities available to publishers, writers and creators with publish on demand, the digital eBook explosion and funding options like indiegogo; there is no longer any excuse.”, says Jeremy, who is eager to get his creation out to the world.

Jeremy plans to syndicate his book to the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and other digital eBook marketplaces, as well as making it available as a physical perfect bound book.

Indiegogo is a platform that helps creatives, causes and entrepreneurial projects raise millions of dollars for all types of campaigns.

Click here to help spread the word or contribute.

Back to the drawing board

We are taking Bonafide Comics back to the original concept as a comic publisher and will be focused solely on all-ages comics, specifically Doxi the Dog and characters from his universe.

Unfortunately this means losing the original comics, games, reviews and so forth that we previously had on the website.

It’s still to be decided whether the Doxi flagship title will be a regular anthology featuring an adventure serial, with back up one-shot stories or solely the adventure serials. One thing is certain;  the adventures will definately be made available as collections for both digital and print and the title itself will be available on iPad, Kindle Fire and Nook.

Update: Doxi in Ambienceworld is available on a number of platforms for eBooks / Print – See Sidebar for Links —>>>>